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Dubrovnik, Croatia
This walled city at the end of Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast offers not only the white, shiny cobblestone streets of its old town, but a spectacular coast and sparkling water of the Adriatic. This is a wonderful city to relax on the beach, stroll through the old town and sampling Croatia’s nightlife. Make sure you take advantage of well-priced and quality seafood, pulled in from just outside Dobrovniks walls.

This city, located right on the Dalmatian coast, was part of Venice, Napolean and the Austrian rule at various times in its history, creating a diverse city rich in culture. The weather is mild, and warm for a large part of the year… Come and take advantage of the spectacular coast, seafood and warm smiles of the locals in Dubrovnik.

The things you should see before going to lie out on pebbly beaches would be the old harbour and old town. I would suggest going to the Church of St. Blaise for a religious view of the city. There's also Pile Gate which has a wooden drawbridge that used to be pulled up every evening. The walls and the towers are also beautiful with outstanding view points to take some pictures. Take a walk on top of the old walls at the end of a day, and you’ll catch a spectacular sunset.

The clock tower is an old tower which is now starting to lean because of a past earthquake. It is about 30 meters tall, built in 1444 and rests in Luza Square. Another sight, which is near the bell tower is Onofrije's Fountain which is a big stone circle that is in a dome shape that spews water into a circles shaped pool around the structure. For shopping, walk along the Stradum where there are cafes and the pathways made of limestone. There's a mall in the area of Placa Throughfare. If you get a chance to get out of Dubrovnic there's a few islands nearby such as Lopud Island and Kolocep Island. And now I would recommend lying out on the Banje, Copacabana or Lapad beaches.

Other than spectacular seafood, there are also a couple grilled meat options on the menu in Dubrovnik but to get a better range of food try heading inland and you'll find a lamb, goat and other dishes. Throughout town there are a number of good coffee shops and bakeries.

Like all Mediterranean towns, it’s all about lazy days and great nightlife. Try the Cocktail bar which is located right along the beach. The best known drink of the area is the Karlovacko which is an alcoholic beverage. One place to dance would be the Latino Club. This club tends to play the same material but is open till 4 am and the locals fill the place on the weekends. In the summer time there are often plays in the courtyards - perfect ways to end your warm nights!

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